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2016 Hot Sauce Varieties

DTR-X (Devil's Tongue Red Experiment) - This batch of Devil's Tongue sauce was made using a new, experimental recipe with a secret vinegar alternative.  The result is a simpler, sweeter flavor without the vinegar tang.  The moderate heat and subtle flavor allow you to add a bit of spice without overpowering the taste of a dish.  Heat Level - MILD+
Chocolate Habanero - Straight up hot sauce, tasty with some kick.  This batch has increased vinegar to reduce the heat, but still maintains a nice flavor.   HEAT LEVEL - MEDIUM
Hot Peppa Mama's House Blend - Our annual blend of peppers and garden vegetables, this years first batch is rich and delicious but came out much hotter than it has in past renditions.  Despite the heat, this sauce's unique flavor is best friends with meats, taco, chips, and is a crowd favorite! HOT
Garlic Chocolate Hab - A garlic version of our classic Chocolate Habanero, this sauce is full of flavor and  packs some heat!  GCH received plenty of praise from our taste testers this fall, and we're sure you'll love it, too!  Heat Level - HOT!

2015 Hot Sauce Varieties

DARK Chocolate Habanero - Chocolate Habanero with a twist!  We added dark chocolate cocoa powder, and the end result was a rich flavor with a lingering heat--enough to warm you up on a cold night.  A few drops of Cark CHocolate Habanero make a great addition to drinks, soups, and so much more; this sauce can be used to spice up anything!  HEAT LEVEL - HOT
Limo - tangy and tasty, the Limo Sauce is one of our mildest.  Made with hard-to-find Limo (NOT aji limon) peppers, this is a sauce for almost any occasion.  BobbyGitr recommends putting it in tacos and chicken!  ​HEAT LEVEL - MILD
Triple Threat - Made with three varieties of SUPER hot peppers, this sauce has a heat that lasts.  The recipe has been adjusted to make it edible, but it still leaves a nice burn on your tongue!  
Devil's Tongue Red - This was one of our most popular sauces of 2015, Devil's Tongue has the perfect combination of heat and flavor.  A little spice and oh so nice, the flavor compliments lots of everyday favorites - pizza, eggs, popcorn...​  ​HEAT LEVEL - MEDIUM
Super No Hitter - In 2015, Jake Arrieta threw a no-hitter for the Cubs, which inspired BobbyGitr to create a special batch of hot sauce in tribute.   The result was a fatalii-based sauce with lime and cilantro--a delicious sauce that is ahead of the curve...ball, that is.  This sauce it its much hotter sequel, made with peppers from a fatalii-scorpion cross breed that took the heat to the Majors.  This sauce is BBG's favorite sauce to date, and of our most unique recipes.  ​HEAT LEVEL - HOT!!