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Trinidad Scorpion Red

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

The Trinidad Scorpion plant is one of the world's hottest Super Hots, ranging between 1-2 MILLION on the scoville scale.  When grown, the appearance of the pepper is just scary!  It is most idenitfiable by the "scorpion tail" that appears at the bottom of the pepper. 

Chocolate Habanero

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Chocolate Habs are a delicious variety of the common Habanero Family.  Typically around 250,000 on the scoville, these provide interesting colors to sauces and a less "fruity" flavor than some other habaneros.

Chocolate Fatali

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Fatali peppers are less well known than Habaneros, but pack an equally powerful punch!  The Chocolate variety is claimed by many to be the hottest, and sweetest, of this pepper family.

Peach Bhut Jolokia

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Bhut Jolokia, better known as "Ghost Peppers," are currently rated as the third hottest pepper in the world.  Just as hot as the red version, the Peach bhut's have a smoother, more fruity flavor and can grow to 6" long.

White Habanero

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

A rare and somewhat hard to grow Habanaero variant, it is every bit as hot as it's brothers and sisters, reaching upwards of 300,000 scoville units.

Limo Chili

20 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Not to be confused with the Aji Limon,  the Limo chile is a grows to 2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.   The thin walls of the Limo make it great for drying. 
Devil's Tongue Red

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Shaped like the tongue of the devil himself, this plant is a Habanero relative.  It's heat level match with it's cousins, and the plant is quite prolific.

10 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Unidentified Brain Strain Cross.  These pack quite the punch, look like giant brain, and are quite rare.  Likely a cross betwee 7 Pot Brain strain and something like a douglah or scorpion.
Carolina Reaper

20 seeds - $3.00 incl. shipping

Rated hottest pepper in 2013, this guy can go 1 1/2 to 2,000,000 on the scoville scale!  Yowee!  (though it may soon be replaced by a new "World's Hottest Pepper)



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