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Dear Customers/Supporters/Sponsors/Fans and Friends,

First off, thank you so much for visiting our site. is still barely a dream, striving for it's full potential.  We realize that there are not many things for sale on our site (yet).  We realize there is still much work to do, and not everything is perfect.  Frankly, it bothers us that it isn't.  So why is it not perfect yet, or why would we go forth into the world of commerce without all of our ducks in a row?

Namely, we had an opportunity.  For us, it made more sense to start our business now to take advantage of things such as signage at disc golf courses, to get in on the ground floor with some exciting new disc golf manufacturers, and to get started while the pepper seed and disc golf markets were still growing.

For right now, some things need touch ups.  Our shopping cart only works for one item at a time - so if you want to purchase multiple things, please e-mail and we'll help figure it out and get you the custom pricing you deserve.  Why is it like this?  Online shopping carts are expensive dawg!  Buy more stuff from us and we will upgrade!

For right now, we do not yet have hot sauce (at least, for sale)!  Hot Sauce will be our focal point, and we plan to be able to sell, COMPLETELY LEGALLY, our own home grown sauce by the end of this year.  

Want some now?  Go to our donate page!  While we can't sell BobbyGitr hot sauce, we can give it away all we want!  Make a donation of $10.00 or more, we'll send you a bottle!

For right now, we only have USED discs.  What they hay?  I PROMISE!  More NEW discs are coming soon.

Believe me, this is our dream, our goal, and our love.  We are not people who let "lack of funds" stop us.  So the site feels a little lacking?  Come back.  Come back in the future.  Come back in a week, a month, a year!  Follow our blog (or possibly soon - blogs!).  Follow our Twitter or Facebook page!  We have huge goals.  We won't make it there quickly, it may take us a few years, but trust us - We Will Get There.

Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your support.  


Robert Hansen
Bobbygitr Peppers and Discs

Mmmm, Spicy!