We, at BobbyGitr, are a proud people.  We are not one to lightly ask for help, nor handouts.  However, with the changing world we live in, we thought that reaching for our dreams might be an okay time to also reach out to the community at large.  We may not be saving the world (though some reports say Habanero's can help fight cancer), we may not be doing anything that hasn't been done before (though I'd be hard pressed to find a store for both peppers AND discs), but what we are doing we do with pride and love.  We would like to put as much energy into the future of BobbyGitr as we can, and we truly appreciate any help you can give to our efforts. 

Starting 4/10/2016, any donations of $10.00 or more will receive a mystery gift from BobbyGitr Peppers and Plants!