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We've all done it.  I've been there.  You've been there.  Remember when you thought there was a certain disc you needed to improve your game, and before you knew it, you'd spent hundreds of dollars on fresh plastic and a bigger bag?  Then, there was that tourney where you won 10 discs in a raffle that you neither wanted nor threw, ever.  

Here at you will find a selection of used discs.  Some more used than others, some hardly used at all.  This preface is for one reason and one reason only - to assure you that these are legitimate used discs.  We have not been sneaking around stealing them from bags, out of cars, nor pilferring them from small children, unable to overpower us, or anything else of that nature.

Basically, it's our personal web flymart.

Every disc that you see here was either:

1)  Purchased or won by a member of
2) A disc that a member of Team BBG received in a tournament (player pack/prize)
3) A disc that has been kindly donated to us to benefit our site and business by the disc's known owner or a company

If a disc is found with a marked owner, Bobbygitr team members will always keep the disc until the owner is contacted.  No found discs are sold.

HOWEVER!  If you see a disc on here that you believe may somehow be yours (though we doubt it), please send the following information to
Course where disc was lost
Estimated time that the disc was lost (we know when we found it, do you know when you lost it?)
If possible, some kind of proof that the disc was yours

If a used disc for sale here has markings on the back, they will be crossed out.  These were either our contact information which we removed, were already blacked out when we acquired the disc, or we blacked them out intentionally to protect the previous owner who we bought/traded the disc from.

If a picture of a used disc on this site has a picture of our Bobbygitr Pepper logo over it, that is because a marking/phone number was showing through the disc but was not yet blacked out (because sometimes I keep throwing my discs until you buy them).

Finally (and then on to the discs!), if you are a Bloomington/Normal local and would rather have your disc hand delivered, or if you are purchasing more than one disc at a time, please, again, contact so we can work out an invoice with altered shipping costs.

​Now, on with the show!

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